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SEN 2456

What’s Your Watt Fab Feb and Lost Hills etc What’s Your Watt From:Texas Timers Hank Roger, might be helpful to tell members how to calculate the Watt Hours of their… Continue reading SEN 2456

SEN 2455

Tangent Classic IATA Says 2018 TANGENT CLASSIC FAI MEET    August 17th, 2018 F1 ABC& P August 18th, 2018 F1 GHJQ&S THE SAME WEEKEND AS THE WMC  NW Champs FOLLOW… Continue reading SEN 2455

SEN 2454

Batteries and air travel Batteries again Skyscrapers Annual The Fly-off Problem Batteries and air travel From: Tapio Linkosalo For several years now I have packed my flight batteries (mostly for… Continue reading SEN 2454

SEN 2453

*C, Q and traveling-by-air* So Cal Reminder C, Q and traveling-by-air From:Ross Jahnke *C, Q and traveling-by-air* I think the F1C and F1P guys have the fuel supply issue worked… Continue reading SEN 2453

SEN 2452

About Fly offs or bust C, Q and traveling-by-air Flying About Fly offs or bust From: Rick Pangell Fly offs or bust Jeff Ellington’s reply was insightful… “we both decided… Continue reading SEN 2452

SEN 2451

Sporting Code violations – How bad is BAD? How much Jail Time ? who is the Judge?  which Jury ? Misdemeanor or Felony Fly offs or bust Sporting Code violations From:… Continue reading SEN 2451

SEN 2450

Antoon van Eldik Salonta Q Story Plan to increase the number of young in F1C , maybe other classes to? Vasily speaks to and for an old friend Editor’s comment… Continue reading SEN 2450

SEN 2449

At the Equinox DT Flyoffs and Altimeters Flyoff ideas DT-flyoffs expounded Qbserved At the Equinox From: Stuart Darmon Hi Roger, sorry if the DT flyoff theme is dragging on a… Continue reading SEN 2449

SEN 2448

DT flyoffs and Sporting Code – Reality Summing it up 2nd round 4-minute max? DT flyoffs Canada Cup Huron Cu DT flyoffs and Sporting Code – Reality From: Per Findahl… Continue reading SEN 2448

SEN 2447

Looking for Tiny Electronic  Timer Once more Fly-off More DT Sporting code Looking for Tiny Electronic  Timer From:Ross Jahnke May I interrupt the debate over fly-off rules with an inquiry… Continue reading SEN 2447