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SEN 2419

Is Social Media Hurting Free Flight? MMM 14R Free Flight Contest, June 22-24 in Denver IS SOCIAL MEDIA HURTING FREE FLIGHT?     Do your homework before you speak. With the… Continue reading SEN 2419

SEN 2418

F1D Champs Update Still looking for a Ken Bauer Multi-function timer FabFeb 2018 E36/F1S Contest Report Musings #3 (Last One!) F1D Champs Update Another blog with good color and tech… Continue reading SEN 2418

SEN 2417

Icare2 Gps tracker PYXIS GPS tracker F1D World Champs Thermiksense Blog about the F1D Championship SCAT Annual 2018 No GPS user input but contact info from suppliers Icare2 Gps tracker… Continue reading SEN 2417

SEN 2416

FabFeb 2018 E36/F1S Contest Report Musings #2 Remember to look up GPS Trackers FabFeb 2018 E36/F1S Contest Report Musings #2 (seeing #1 was popular and the link to the SCAMPS… Continue reading SEN 2416

SEN 2415

SCAT Annual  this weekend SEN new feature Queuing E-36 E36/F1S FabFeb Contest Report Musings #1 SCAT Annual  this weekend From: Jim Parker Flyer is in SEN 2403 ________________________________________________________ SCAT Annual Summary… Continue reading SEN 2415

SEN 2414

Follow the Moose and Bear Cups Zizhe Yin Article Great Story Zizhe story F1S Dept Doubly Blessed Rule changers Ross it’s – Humour not Humor from this guy Ivelo_m1 @… Continue reading SEN 2414

SEN 2413

 Zizhe Yin’s Story In this issue of SEN we have put some of the wired items on hold and are focusing in Zizhe Yin’s story Zizhe Yin’s Story This year… Continue reading SEN 2413

SEN 2412

When and where it’s (flown)  at ? GIZMO GEEZER STATUS Fly F1S or E36 – please stop discussing rule changes Re: SEN 2411 – The Serious problem E-36 performance Fly… Continue reading SEN 2412

SEN 2411

The Enemy E36/S’s Wattage issue Re: SEN 2410 E-36 is indeed a serious problem TH-F6A  for sale Wanted – Morrill Sidewinder Complete Geezer Wanted “we have met the enemy, and they… Continue reading SEN 2411

SEN 2410

MaxMen FlyOff Plot F1S Observations TH-6a gone – Baofeng in ? MaxMen FlyOff Plot (graphical, not conspiracy theory) From:gilbert morris Hi Roger, Attached is a plot of Place vs Flight… Continue reading SEN 2410