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SEN 2404

Top Dudes 2018 Fab Feb 2018 Hybrid team selection Mini Events What is SEN? Top Dudes 2018 Every year at the Fab Feb Contests SEN awards the Top Dude Awards… Continue reading SEN 2404

SEN 2403

Nice Words Don’t mess up the minis Fab Feb FAI Google Docs Link SCAT Annual Nice Words From : Mike Roberts Bill Booth, Tony Mathews and Roger Morrell got this… Continue reading SEN 2403

SEN 2402

Cal Cup F1E MaxMen Final F1A, F1Q, Mini Events Ike AMA Events Results Cal Cup F1E  PLACE  NAME            CTRY LICENCE  R1   R2   R3   R4   R5   R6   R7   SUMPT F1E                                  180 … Continue reading SEN 2402

SEN 2401

Tour de Force at the 2018 Isaacson MaxMen First Results TOUR DE FORCE AT THE 2018 ISAACSON Or How Ralph Ray was a Show Off From: Stan Buddenbohm There were… Continue reading SEN 2401

SEN 2400

North American Cup 2018 Results F1A  (corrected) Place                Name     Nat  1   2   3   4   5  FO1 FO2  Total 1      Lesko       Robert    CRO 240 180 180 180 240 360 404  1784… Continue reading SEN 2400

SEN 2399

Dawn Tues AM Flyoff Schedule Fab Feb on Flickr by Furutani I am not your mother Dawn Tues AM Flyoff Schedule From Tony Mathews North American Cup flyoff info: The… Continue reading SEN 2399

SEN 2398

North American Cup Score Cards and Teams Gabby’s Update Timing Flyoffs Fab Feb Section North American Cup Score Cards and Teams From Tony Mathews Could you mention on SEN that… Continue reading SEN 2398

SEN 2397

Kiwi World Cup Ike FAI Mini Events Kiwi World Cup F1A Family NamGiven Name  3     RoundRoundRoundRoundRoundFlyofTotal   Place BalassianoAviv        ISR     240  180  180  180  120  473    1373  1 KosonozhkiMikhail     RUS     240 … Continue reading SEN 2397

SEN 2396a

Kiwi Cup Flyoff notes Kiwi World Cup Fly off update The weather forecast for tomorrow gives us a wind of only 2 mph at 7AM.  This wind is from the… Continue reading SEN 2396a

SEN 2396

First Day Kiwi Cup AMA FF Announcements for Ike day 2 First Day Kiwi Cup Day started off well but by round 4 the wind arose.  This caused a hold… Continue reading SEN 2396