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SEN 2379

Wired Words of Wisdom 2018 FAI Sporting Code Need a set of Vasi Mini-Bone F1H-compatible wings Wired Words of Wisdom There was an article in the AMA Park flyer magazine… Continue reading SEN 2379

SEN 2378

World Cup Update How our sport is (always) changing Rules World Cup Update The latest and presumably final scores can be found at The top places in each class… Continue reading SEN 2378

SEN 2377

Why are our rules (always) changing? Comment on WC Jury report referenced in  SEN 2375 Ike Scramble Info Why are our rules (always) changing? From : aram schlosberg Instead of… Continue reading SEN 2377

SEN 2376

January Eloy Southwest Regionals Chill How to mount your on board GPS on a C ? Jim Hits 100 Error in link on  SEN 2375 January Eloy Southwest Regionals From:… Continue reading SEN 2376

SEN 2375

Looking for ST 15 parts A few rules thoughts 2017 WChamps Jury Report Looking for ST 15 parts Wanted: I’m in need of a header for a Super Tigre 15… Continue reading SEN 2375

SEN 2374

Not about Bern but Sporting Code AZ Champs results Not about Bern but Sporting Code From: Leslie Farkas Since the published letter of Frederic in SEN 2362, we received a… Continue reading SEN 2374

SEN 2373

Frederic Explains How do you finish a contest ? Waiting time limit and starting poles FAI Web Site Frederic Explains From: Frederic Aberlenc Dear Wolfgang Gerlach I will answer to… Continue reading SEN 2373

SEN 2372

EuroFly Bern : ”Not according to the rules” Subdividing rounds Observation on the time slot limit Apples and Oranges EuroFly Bern : ”Not according to the rules” From: Wolfgang Gerlach… Continue reading SEN 2372

SEN 2371

Working Windows Missing lines from SEN 2370 interview Missing local rule Working Windows** From: Aram Schlosberg An interesting concept of a working time window was discussed in SEN 2370. Evidently… Continue reading SEN 2371

SEN 2370

Extended Rules Extended Flight Times at euro-fly Extended Rules There has been quite some discussion about the pseudo fly off added to the last round. We just got a piece… Continue reading SEN 2370