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SEN 2339

F1E WChamps Editorial Champs Observation What no C Stuff .. Is Dino for real ? ** Re: SEN 2335 – meeting of the minds? F1C Engine Run Time Approach F1C… Continue reading SEN 2339

SEN 2338

SEN Experiment Starter Discussions on FB *Wilbur & Orville (America’s Cup)* I Liked this one … From: SEN 2337 Two comments to SEN 2337 ClariF1Cation from Dino SEN Experiment We… Continue reading SEN 2338

SEN 2337

Hatschek’s poem Timing Engine Runs – Part 94 Livno WCh flyoff refly F1C engine run time keeping Dino on F1C Motor Runs E Timer Help Hatschek’s poem From: Alan Abriss… Continue reading SEN 2337

SEN 2336

  2017 USA FAI Free Flight Team Manager Report. Aug 18, 2017 electronic engine timing – *** technically interesting *** attention geeks C cut off Comment Last man Solving the… Continue reading SEN 2336

SEN 2335

  USA F1C Team Factoid When is USFFC? Oregon Reminder 2017 F1E World Cups in Martin, Slovakia F1C timing LAST MAN STANDING?   USA 2017 F1C Team Factoid Was this… Continue reading SEN 2335

SEN 2334

Eddie Carroll’s World Championship Report Love your battery but replace when it fails to perform! As a F1B participant, my personal opinion about 2017 Budapest FF World Cup and 2017… Continue reading SEN 2334

SEN 2333

Tripod questions and others C Timing F1E W/C in Romania GPS Trackers American Cup – flying Q without ELs Tripod questions and others From: Sergey Makarov Dear Ian.  (this email was… Continue reading SEN 2333

SEN 2332

Sound the Bunt When is Fab Feb 2018 F1C at Szentes As a F1B participant, my personal opinion about 2017 Budapest FF World Cup and 2017 FF WCh Back Home… Continue reading SEN 2332

SEN 2331

Szentes Spider ‘The Szentes Spider’ From : Chris Edge on FB group Free Flight This image will likely become known as ‘The Szentes Spider’. It shows tracks of all models… Continue reading SEN 2331

SEN 2330

  Who or what is a Mulligan? Observations on FAI F1 World Champ 2017 WChamps comments on comments Timing for the bunt Re: SEN 2328 – Champs Summary   Who… Continue reading SEN 2330