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SEN 2179

Table of Contents – SEN 2179 Q2T Electronic Engine Timer Question Q from the PoV of a Dino CHE’s Brexit ? from Q? Q to T? From: Murphy, Jack Hello… Continue reading SEN 2179

SEN 2178

Table of Contents – SEN 2178 Harvest Classic – Wawayanda Q conversation Ed observation HARVEST CLASSIC    9/10-9/11     (9/12 RESERVE DAY)           AMA   FAI   AC BARRON SOD FARM     WAWAYANDA NY New UPDATED… Continue reading SEN 2178

SEN 2177

Table of Contents – SEN 2177 Looking for F1B to Q USA Junior Team Advice Euro Champs Review SW FAI Challenge Update Redux, Rubber to Electric conversion (looking for another old… Continue reading SEN 2177

SEN 2176

Table of Contents – SEN 2176 2016 Huron Cup report: Looking for Q World Cup slots Looking for stuff for a USA Junior Stuff we did not print … 2016… Continue reading SEN 2176

SEN 2175

Table of Contents – SEN 2175 FB rules discussion F1B update Because this is a long dialog we have put it in a SEN  almost by itself.  We have highlighted… Continue reading SEN 2175

SEN 2174

Table of Contents – SEN 2174 Canada Results Thinking of Hardy Under water in Louisiana Euro Champs Canada Results  from: Tony Mathews Flash: Huron Cup: F1A: Vidas Nikolajevas, Jama Danier,… Continue reading SEN 2174

SEN 2173

SEN 2173 – Table of Contents USFFC flash Hardy has gone flying 51 Rocky Mountain Champs EC about to start Missing articles USFFC news flash From : Terry Kerger F1S… Continue reading SEN 2173

SEN 2172

SEN 2172 – table of contents Euro Champs Link USFFC SW FAI Challenege Eurochamps results online lineThe link for the results is at – Currently the preceeding World Cup event… Continue reading SEN 2172

SEN 2171

Table of Contents – SEN 2171 Hardy – Stalick Hardy  – Dona Hardy – Jahnke Euro Champs Blog Brodersen FAI Challenge Hardy From:Bob Stalick Hardy Brodersen Hardy was the force behind… Continue reading SEN 2171

SEN 2170

Table of Contents – SEN 2170 Hardy Brodersen  Arizona F1E at Lost Hills This weekend in USA Hardy Brodersen From: Shailor, William Sad news. Hardy Brodersen passed away. He was… Continue reading SEN 2170