National Free Flight Society

SEN 2160

Table of Contents SEN 2160 USA Nats Info For sale Looking for Polyester Cloth FFQ Junior World Champs Blog Link Where to find USA Nats Results The results are here:… Continue reading SEN 2160

SEN 2159

Table of Contents – SEN 2159 Q on FB  2 Tangent America’s Cup events Q talk on FB … Starting with Aram Schlosberg? How high did Q models get in… Continue reading SEN 2159

SEN 2158

Table of Contents – SEN 2158 UK World Cup Events – Stonehenge and Equinox Canned – No Canned – Yes The Stonehenge Cup & Equinox Cup 2016 UK World Cup Free Flight… Continue reading SEN 2158

SEN 2157

Table of Contents – SEN 2157 F1E Blog Cancelled What people are saying – Was Scandabavian Cups now Q performance Blog about the F1E E/C From: Bernhard Schwendemann F1E European… Continue reading SEN 2157

SEN 2156

Table of Contents – SEN 2156 Sierra Cup (and endless October Update) Jim Mayes On stick-to-it-iviness Rules to can Contest Cancellation Sierra Cup Update From: Mike McKeever Sierra Cup update… Continue reading SEN 2156

SEN 2154

Table of Contents SEN 2154 Lost Auction Nats Timing Buddy Postponing Lost at Rinkaby Hi Roger Is it possible to publish the following notice? Lost at Rinkaby, Sweden: fallen from… Continue reading SEN 2154

SEN 2153

Table of Contents – SEN 2153 Scandanavian FF Week Skscrapers Corrected Walston Type Radios Almost Perfect Rubber for sale Swedish Free-Flight Week From: Bernhard Schwendemann Hello Roger, here some pictures… Continue reading SEN 2153

SEN 2152

Table of Contents – SEN 2152 Canadian Events further postponement Skyscraper Annual Huron Cup and Canada Cup further postponement From: Leslie Farkas Dear Friends, Because the forecasted poor weather for… Continue reading SEN 2152

SEN 2151

Table of Contents – SEN 2151 Trackers for sale In search of tracker transmitters for Walston From: Kathleen Radziunas Sarah and I are in search of trackers for our Walston… Continue reading SEN 2151