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SEN 2150

Table of Contents – SEN 2150 W & O Results Help still needed for the Nats Huron Cup and Canada Cup Postponed Winder 4 sale  Wilbur & Orville Results From:… Continue reading SEN 2150

SEN 2149

Table of Contents – SEN 2149 Winding the elephant USA Junior Team Support USA Indoor Nats More on winding and what is the elephant doing in the corner .. From: Stuart… Continue reading SEN 2149

SEN 2147

Table of Contents – SEN 2147 Reminder Section USA Nats Sympo Patrons Denver World Cups SCAT Black Cup Rubber Winding FB rubber windinghelper USA F1E Finals Reminder section USA Nats… Continue reading SEN 2147

SEN 2147

Table of Contents – SEN 2147 In the press – Retro FF video Tangent part 1 More on winding Nevada Scuttlebutt In the Press In the latest Model Aviation an… Continue reading SEN 2147

SEN 2146

Table of Contents – SEN 2146 Fab Feb dates 2017 all wound up part 2,3,4…… Fab Feb dates for 2017  Yes people are booking already .. Kiwi   11-12 Feb,… Continue reading SEN 2146

SEN 2145

Table of Contents – SEN 2145 Aram’s suggestion Szablo Miklos Wired Rubber RE: SEN 2144, Aram’s suggestion  From: Michael Achterberg Hello. I would approve the modification of team selection for… Continue reading SEN 2145

SEN 2143

Table of Contents – SEN 2143 67th Inter city Trac Foils Big Als – Report Big Al’s – results Lost Hills Notice 67th Annual Inter-City FAI Meet From: Shailor, William… Continue reading SEN 2143

SEN 2142

Table of Contents – SEN 2142 Big Al Srem Cup Results Wilbur and Orville Canada Cup – reminder Huron Cup – reminder Big Al’s shootout FAI at Lost Hills.  Walt… Continue reading SEN 2142