National Free Flight Society

SEN 2141

Table of Contents – SEN 2141 For sale @ Brit Nats In the Press – Mongolian National Sport Awards For sale – Hansen A2 vintage glider and F1G balsa/carbon wings,… Continue reading SEN 2141

SEN 2140

Table of Contents – SEN 2140 David Lacey Further on  World cup SZABO Dave Lacey From: Aram Schlosberg Dave Lacey died this weekend from a heart attack at his home… Continue reading SEN 2140

SEN 2139

Table of Contents – SEN 2139 Alexey Bukin From Ludmila Stamova? on FB ·15 May 2016 Very sad news came today morning, Our dear friend, famous Ukrainian F1B flyer Alexey… Continue reading SEN 2139

SEN 2138

SEN 2138 – Table of Contents Whoops SCAT Black Cup Szabo Miklos F1A FO Whoops – Sorry Mr Hatschek We stand corrected … From: Alan Abriss Hello all please be… Continue reading SEN 2138

SEN 2137

Table of Contents – SEN 2137 Bob Hatchek International Challenege MMM World Cups Update Hatchek International Challenge May 21-22, event update From:  Andrew Barron [Updated notice to include F1S on… Continue reading SEN 2137

SEN 2136

Table of Contents – SEN 2135 Bissonette Memorial CIAM Report Looking for Pim Bissonnette Memorial Lost Hills-Bissonnette Mirage Field May 28 / 29, 2016 America’s Cup Contest Lost Hills Association… Continue reading SEN 2136