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SEN 2134

Table of Contents – SEN 2134 Aussie free flight photos USA F1E Team Selection Aussie free flight photos From: Malcolm Campbell Hi Roger Here’s the link to my photos from… Continue reading SEN 2134

SEN 2133

Table of Contents – SEN 2133 Southern Cross Cup Results Australia Part 2 Warm Lift System Southern Cross Cup Contest Southern Cross Cup Date 16-Apr-2016 Class F1B Family Name GivenName… Continue reading SEN 2133

SEN 2132

Table of Contents – SEN 2132 MMM Dual WCUP Weekend Thermiksense F1D W/C Blog Dave Anderson Results AFFS Results MMM Club dual World Cup Weekend The Magnificent Mountain Men are… Continue reading SEN 2132

SEN 2131

Table of Contents SEN 2131 F1D World Champs Bike 4 sale Looking for AA wing CIAM Meeting Report Ads in SEN FAI Notice F1D port: Aeromodelling – F1D – (Indoor… Continue reading SEN 2131

SEN 2130

Table of Contents – SEN 2130 What Binos? BFMA FFF Report New NFFS Website FFQ for April What Binos do I buy? From: Mike Roberts Given my 10×50 Steiner’s were… Continue reading SEN 2130

SEN 2129

Table of Contents – SEN 2129 Honda Bike 4 sale in CA AMA and NOS gas models for sale Barron Field Update Thermiksense F1D Blog NFFS F1D Blog Bike for… Continue reading SEN 2129