National Free Flight Society

SEN 2128

Table of Contents – SEN 2128 Big Numbers Airtek Address Change Numbers thoughts Model Identification Port or Starboard Spam on FF groups on FB Big Numbers ? From: Stan Buddenbohm… Continue reading SEN 2128

SEN 2127

Table of Contents – SEN 2127 AMA Rule Change Bear Moose SCAT Annual corrections Model Asset Database AMA Rule change OFF 17-2 From: Ross Jahnke The AMA rule proposal, OFF… Continue reading SEN 2127

SEN 2126

Table of Contents – SEN 2126 SCAT Annual For Sale 2016 SCAT Annual The SCAT annual falls in the shadow of Fab Feb. This year we had a schedule overlap… Continue reading SEN 2126

SEN 2125

Table of Contents – SEN 2125 HoI Z ? Stooge thanks Holiday on Ice Holyday on Ice 2016 Klasse F1A 1 FINDAHL PER SWE 180 180 180 180 180 900… Continue reading SEN 2125

SEN 2124

Table of Contents – SEN 2124 Looking for a used stooge AM Cup for 2016 so far USA Junior Team 2016 Looking for used stooge From: John Pratt Hi Roger…… Continue reading SEN 2124

SEN 2123

Table of Contents – SEN 2123 SCAT Annual Happy Birthday Peter EoB for Prez SCAT Annual this weekend,March 12, 13, 2016. AmCup and National Cup Summary: Lost Hills Saturday: F1ABCQP,… Continue reading SEN 2123

SEN 2122

Table of Contents – SEN 2122 14 Round Supporters – Murphy Rounds Revisited – EoB Found Tracker @ Perris – Ray Getting Organized – Damerell 14 Round Supporters Those flyers… Continue reading SEN 2122

SEN 2121

Table of Contents – SEN 2121 7 or 5 Rounds dept From Javier Abad Bill Booth John Carter Pierre Chaussebourg add to the Lost List Add to the thanks List… Continue reading SEN 2121

SEN 2120

Table of Contents – SEN 2120 More on & and % Looking for fat cat Mechanic Max Men Lost and Found More on 7 is better than 5 From: Allard… Continue reading SEN 2120

SEN 2119

Table of Contents – SEN 2119 New set of Ike and Kiwi Photos Large FO and Luck Note to the CIAM fromthe Edge of Beyond New set of Ike and… Continue reading SEN 2119