National Free Flight Society

SEN 2118

Table of Contents SEN 2118 Top Dude Award What’s Current tracker tech ? Wood Meter available Top Dude Award Every year at the Fab Feb we have the Top Dude… Continue reading SEN 2118

SEN 2117

SEN 2117 Table of Contents Fab Feb Foto MaxMen International Results – Part 2 View From afar Am Cup Scoring proposal Fab Feb Flikr Pictures From: Merry Smith Roger, here… Continue reading SEN 2117

SEN 2116

Table of Contents – SEN 2116 Sergey Speaks MaxMen Results Part1 Re SEN 2115 Sergey Speaks From Sergey Makarov Hi Roger. I did not write any notes to the SCAT,… Continue reading SEN 2116

SEN 2115

Table of Contents SEN 2115 SEN 2018 ? 2016 Isaaacson Winter Classic Lost Dept Lost at Lost H Lost Chair Thanks deptFab Feb Thanks Thanks The way I (Leslie) see… Continue reading SEN 2115

SEN 2023

Table of Contents – SEN 2023 Cal Cup F1E California Cup NAME CTRY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 SCORE Percentage score for each round 150 150 147 150… Continue reading SEN 2023

SEN 2024

Table of Contents – SEN 2024 Fab Feb MM Flash Fab Feb Factoids? Number one – greatest weather ever at Lost Hills. Hardest luck story was Reinhard Truppe, F1C flyer… Continue reading SEN 2024

SEN 2022

Table of Contents – SEN 2022 Brian’s Photos North American Cup lent or Lost Brian Furutani Photo of Kiwi Cup and Ike North American Cup Link to online spread… Continue reading SEN 2022

SEN 2021

Table of Contents – SEN 2021 Kiwi Cup F1E Some Kiwis can fly NA Flash Lost Kiwi Cup F1E Family Name Given Name Country Number Round 1Round 1Round 2Round 2Round… Continue reading SEN 2021

SEN 2020

Table of Contnets – SEN 2020 Kiwi Cup F1S Re SEN 2018 Kiwi Komments Kiwi Cup Horror or horrors according to Leeper we left out F1S out of the previous… Continue reading SEN 2020

SEN 2019

SEN 2019 Kiwi Cup and Ike Mini events results The spread sheets can be viewed on line at F1B was in the previous SEN Weather – absolutely perfect F1A… Continue reading SEN 2019