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SEN 2091

Table of Contents – SEN 2091 Gulf Coast FF Rubber at Fab Feb USA Team Selection event 427 Reasons Fab Feb Summary and entry link Fab Feb FF Suppliers Gulf… Continue reading SEN 2091

SEN 2090

Table of Contents – SEN 2090 Online Fab Feb Entry Form Fab Feb Update Chart Plotting Thermistor North American World Cup Event LiPos Online Fab Feb Entry Form Link to… Continue reading SEN 2090

SEN 2089

Table of Contents – SEN 2089 Fab Feb Update FAA UAS Update Cal Cup Info Icare Tracker at Lost Hills Proposal for Am Cup Scoring Fab Feb Update The master… Continue reading SEN 2089

SEN 2088

Table of Contents – 2088 Ike/Kiwi Winter Classic and World Cup Bob White Maxmen International North American Cup (information to follow) The Isaacson Winter Classic February 06 – 8, 2016… Continue reading SEN 2088

SEN 2087

SEN 2087 – Table of Contents FAA Update Rubber Response FAA Update The AMA notified it’s members today about some legal actions it is taking concerning the FAA Model Aircraft… Continue reading SEN 2087

SEN 2086

Table of Contents – SEN 2086 Sympo 2016 Rubber Drone on – FAA ruling and Fab Feb etc Call for Papers for the 2016 National Free Flight Society Symposium. Every… Continue reading SEN 2086

SEN 2085

Table of Contents – SEN 2085 On Symmetrical Spliced Rubber Motors Eloy SWR Time Accumulation On Symmetrical Spliced Rubber Motors The main argument to use 1/16” rubber instead of wider… Continue reading SEN 2085

SEN 2084

Table of Contents – SEN 2084 Remembering John Morrill America’s Cup Report – almost there America’s Cup Scores Arizona Champs FAI Results Remembering John Morrill Like Norm Furutani I also… Continue reading SEN 2084

SEN 2083

Table of Contents – SEN 2083 CIAM Bureau Meeting World Cup Schedule AZ Champs In the Press CIAM Bureau Meeting Summary from FFn Bureau meeting in Dubai to coincide with… Continue reading SEN 2083

SEN 2082

Table of Contents – SEN 2082 Qcomments John Morrill Wood is better ? Qomments in SEN 2081 From: Ross Jahnke In the events we are familiar with/grew up with, when… Continue reading SEN 2082