National Free Flight Society

SEN 2080

Table of Contents – SEN 2080 USA FAI licenses Per Grunnet right on F1S, but wrong on F1Q CASA in OZ FAA and sUAS USA FAI licenses FAI licenses (a.k.a.… Continue reading SEN 2080

SEN 2079

Table of Contents – SEN 2079 F1E article Pending FAA Decision Lithium Battery F1Q has potential to attract new free flight enthusiasts F1E article in CIAM News The latest edition… Continue reading SEN 2079

SEN 2078

Table of Contents – SEN 2078 AZ in Dec and Jan Bob Klipp AM Cup results Correction Eloy, Arizona – Dec. and Jan. contests From: Peter Brocks On December 5… Continue reading SEN 2078

SEN 2077

Table of Contents SEN 2077 Eloy events Eurofly Correction Pylon Wanted F1C proposal Clarification Dukie – clarification or commentary Eloy, Arizona – Dec. and Jan. contests From: Peter Brocks On… Continue reading SEN 2077

SEN 2076

Table of Contents – SEN 2076 AM Cup Reports USA Jr Team Selection Report F1C – – Part 1 F1C – Part 2 – edited 2015 AmCup Results Report From:… Continue reading SEN 2076

SEN 2075

Table of Contents – SEN 2075 Patterson SEN 2074 Eurofly 2105 Eurofly F1B FO 2015 Patterson From: Brian Van Nest First of all I want to thank my wife Janna… Continue reading SEN 2075

SEN 2074

SEN 2074 Rule changes F1C From: Pieter de Boer Dear friends, Last month you received my E-Mail concerning my F1C objections. Lots of reactions where received, mostly supporting. I also… Continue reading SEN 2074

SEN 2073

Table of Contents – SEN 2073 SW FAI Report and Results Eurofly Remembering Bill Davis Stuff 4 sale F1C proposal 2015 Southwest FAI Challenge October 24 & 25, 2015 Boulder… Continue reading SEN 2073

SEN 2072

Table of Contents – SEN 2072 F1C Rules Ideas F1As for Sale Bill Davis New Sidus F1B timer F1C Rules ideas From: Leo Reynders Hello Roger, I ‘m considering to… Continue reading SEN 2072

SEN 2071

Table of Contents – SEN 2071 This weekend at Lost Hills- Patterson A Call for Volunteers Patterson Flyer Come and join us this weekend for the Patterson. Experience from the… Continue reading SEN 2071