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SEN 2062

SEN 2062 – Table of Contents USA Team Selection Update LDA heads Up Harvest Classic Results USA Team Selection Time Accumulation From: Aram Schlosberg So far, the following have entered… Continue reading SEN 2062

SEN 2061

Table of Contents – SEN 2061 Stonehenge and Equinox Cup Update On the Web

SEN 2060

Table of Contents – SEN 2060 AmCup scores and USA Jr Team scores From: Jim Parker All, The 2015-2016 Jr Team scores are shown below. Three of the flyers have… Continue reading SEN 2060

SEN 2059

Table of Contents – SEN 2059 Golf carts at Lost Hills E-36/F1S site update NFFS looking … In the Press Golf Carts at Lost Hills (opportunity to share delivery costs)… Continue reading SEN 2059

SEN 2058

Table of Contents – SEN 2058 For sale – Fuzeev Thermistor F1C 4 Sec rule Westfac V Derek’s F1S site For sale – Fuzeev chart recording thermistor. Fuzeev chart recording… Continue reading SEN 2058

SEN 2057

Table of Contents – SEN 2057 F1S Web Site F1C Petition Free Flight Meets at Barron Field Sept 12-13 and Oct 10-11 EUSFFC Buzz Averill E-36, F1S web site Derek… Continue reading SEN 2057

SEN 2056

Table of Contents – SEN 2056 SW FAI Challenge W&O + Skscraper Report Fernando Zito Model cases for sale Trailer for sale scales for sale Thermiksense Championship Blogs 19th SOUTHWEST… Continue reading SEN 2056