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SEN 2055

Table of Contents SEN 2055 Upcoming FAI Meeting Dates … For sale F1 glider – Hines Two weeks in Mongolia Australian World Cup 2016 info 2016 World Cup Info Upcoming… Continue reading SEN 2055

SEN 2054

Table of Contents – SEN 2054 F1E WC Tangent Update F1E world championship From: Bernhard Schwendemann Hello Roger, if you would like to follow the F1E word championship (slope soaring),… Continue reading SEN 2054

SEN 2053

Table of Contents – SEN 2052 Wilbur and Orville Harvest Classic Feb dates Wilbur and Orville + Skyscrapers’ Annual, August 29 and 30 at Barron Field. From: Andrew Barron Dear… Continue reading SEN 2053

SEN 2052

Table of Contents – 2052 California FAI Tradition California FAI Flyer Sierra Cup Flyer Virtues of Fly Offs in Shifts Your/Our/My Direction ?? California FAI Tradition Earlier this year you… Continue reading SEN 2052

SEN 2051

Table of Contents – SEN 2051 How they see us Woodhouse on TV 5 Rounds How they see us ? From: Anga Enkh-Amgalan on Facebook I was given the chance… Continue reading SEN 2051

SEN 2050

Table of Contents – SEN 2050 Mongolian Videos Euro Junior Blog Israel Tv Wilbur and Orville SkyScrapers Annual Mongolian Videos From: chris edge Roger, I don’t know if it was… Continue reading SEN 2050

SEN 2049

Table of Contents – SEN 2049 5 or 7 CHEnggis Speaks This’ll stir the pigeons Great Grape at Genesco is really Harvest Classic at Wawaynda Request for Site proposals for… Continue reading SEN 2049

SEN 2048

Table of Contents – SEN 2048 5 Round Rule Change Euro Champs Blog Selling a Fat Cat 5 Round Rule change From: Marty Schroedter After all these months that we’ve… Continue reading SEN 2048

SEN 2047

Table of Contents – SEN 2047 Malcolm’s Mongolia Picture F1B model wanted Hidden from Mike ? Euro stuff again Winning trumps geography Thanks and Congratulations NFFS Sympos in UK and… Continue reading SEN 2047

SEN 2046

Table of Contents – SEN 2046 NFFS Sympos Shipping Stonehenge and Equinox Mongolia report Geography and Politics not always the same Mongolian TV 2015 NFFS Symposium Now Ready to Ship… Continue reading SEN 2046