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SEN 2042

Table of contents – SEN 2041 Mixmen and 4 Huron Photos Mixmen Open International From: John Cuthbert Hi Roger, Some weeks ago I suggested that the MIXMEN Open International, that… Continue reading SEN 2042

SEN 2041

Table of Contents – SEN 2041 Problem with HEC Mail Address Huron Cup Report and Results Lee Polansky all good things are 3 …[Problem with the HEC link in SEN… Continue reading SEN 2041

SEN 2040

Table of Contents – SEN 2040 Gentlemen in Sweden Mongolian Updates VSM in Mongolia and elsewhere HEC Update Gentlemen in Sweden From: per grunnet At the E36 contest in Sweden… Continue reading SEN 2040

SEN 2039

Table of Contents – SEN 2039 fantasy FF 1915 Yipee Scandinavian World Cup Report #FantasyFreeFlight: A 1915 Aeromodeling Conversation Here’s a snippet of what modeling was like for the model… Continue reading SEN 2039

SEN 2038

Table of Contents – SEN 2038 CIAM Plenary Report F!C Protest Update -2 corrected Quay Valley Utopia All Politics are Local Andy’s Book CIAM Plenary meeting report From: Chuck Etherington… Continue reading SEN 2038

SEN 2037

Table of Contents – SEN 2037 F1C protest Update -2 D/F FO Futuristic City planned ? Andy Crisp’s World How Local can you get ? In the Press – F1C… Continue reading SEN 2037

SEN 2036

Table of Contents – SEN 2036 F1C Protest Update for sale Aeris RDT RDT FO not PC or worse? California FAI Invitational FFQ#56 F1C Protest update From: Leslie Farkas I… Continue reading SEN 2036

SEN 2035

Table of Contents – SEN 2035 Looking for … Another kit? J O’D on D/T FO (How’s that for a string of letters) AM Cup and USA Jnr Team Update… Continue reading SEN 2035

SEN 2034

Table of Contents – SEN 2034 Scandinavian Free Flight Week Lost Hills Kids Summer camp Message from a sponsor Scandinavian Free Flight Week Results are online at Lost Hills… Continue reading SEN 2034