National Free Flight Society

SEN 2006

Table of Contents – SEN 2006 4 sec More F1C from FB Nick’ Suggestions 4 sec F1c.. After hearing from power flyers this rule change did more harm than good..… Continue reading SEN 2006

SEN 2005

Table of Contents – SEN 2005 Am Cup to date BFMA FFFnow at NFFS Shop On Martin Dilly ideas. America Cup results so far – with individual placings Key to… Continue reading SEN 2005

SEN 2004

Table of Contents – SEN 2004 CIAM Meeting Joe Wagner F1C Tail Booms for Sale CIAM Meeting editorial The Models The only changes to the F1ABC World Champs class models… Continue reading SEN 2004

SEN 2003

Table of Contents – SEN 2003 CIAM Decisions Summary Reality Check Guys Best of both Worlds Dino thanks Chuck SEN 2k Summary of CIAM F1 Decisions Information in text from… Continue reading SEN 2003

SEN 2002

Table of Contents – SEN 2002 Best Wishes for Marty Thompson 2001 Tucson Pro Dino Now Best Wishes for Marty Thompson From: Ed Carroll To: SEN Roger. Can you post… Continue reading SEN 2002

SEN 2001

Table of Contents – SEN 2001 Ivor F Proposals Fashionistas SEN 2000 Ivor F Ivor F (VH 1) (AUS 1) has maxed out, last seen ascending in a thermal, DT’d.… Continue reading SEN 2001

SEN 2000

Table of Contents – SEN 2000 2000 Miles stone Cost Management ? Fuss about timing F1S Motor runs French Frequency Thicker towline 2000 SEN! From: Jim Bradley Roger, Let me… Continue reading SEN 2000

SEN 1999

Table of Contents – SEN 1999 Now that we’ve polled .. Link to the poll 66th Inter City Allowing hinged surfaces – flaps The Dino likes flaps too Optimal Question… Continue reading SEN 1999

SEN 1998

Table of Contents – SEN 1998 Flapper FAI Proposals F1S Optimal Tracking Re SEN 1996 Flapper From: Bernhard Schwendemann (response on Aram Schlosberg’s notes in SEN1995) For most technical sports… Continue reading SEN 1998

SEN 1997

Table of Contents – SEN 1997 NFFS Survey Hear hear F1S E-36 as F1S Gob Smacked out of the field Dino Update NFFS Survey Link The NFFS did a survey… Continue reading SEN 1997