National Free Flight Society

SEN 1902

Table of Contents – SEN 1902 Wacky News Wanted 7XX timer Where are they now – Randy Archer News from the Wacky Willamette: Sunny but a little breezy in the… Continue reading SEN 1902

SEN 1901

Table of Contents – SEN 1901 NFFS Pubs WCUP timekeepers Remembering Victor NFFS Pubs Reminder NFFS Publications has a 2001 Sympo for sale along with many others. These are used… Continue reading SEN 1901

SEN 1900

SEN 1900 – Table of Contents Retrieval at Boulder City Competition before the first round Looking for a 2001 Sympo Wilbur and Orville Info Celia Goldberg Trophy Retrieval at Boulder… Continue reading SEN 1900

SEN 1899

Table of Contents SEN 1899 Apology Lesko Show and tell More on Mongolia For Sale Rest of the Euro Champs Apology Firstly an apology, we sent a message , intended… Continue reading SEN 1899

SEN 1898

Table of Contents SEN1898 SEN 1897 40th California Invitational + Canada Cup WORLD CUP EVENT 38th Sierra Cup WORLD CUP EVENT More on Mongolia SEN 1897 This issue was accidentally… Continue reading SEN 1898

SEN 1897

Table of Contents SEN 1897 Mongolia Pre-View Scale Staffel at Perris Euro Champs Mongolia Pre-View As every true blue FAI sportsman knows the next FAI Free Flight World Champs will… Continue reading SEN 1897

SEN 1896

Table of Contents – SEN 1896 Rocky Mountain Bakersfield Ice Cream Count backward to find the winner delay in publication because of travel *49th Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championships** **FAC… Continue reading SEN 1896

SEN 1895

Table of Contents – SEN 1895 World Champs Team calculation In the press Fab Feb Forecast World Champs Team Placing Clarification Roger It might be worth clarifying team scores in… Continue reading SEN 1895

SEN 1894

Table of Contents – SEN 1894 Junior World Champs – F1P Individual 1 KUZNETSOV ALEKSANDR RUSSIA 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260 2 VYAZOV ANDREY RUSSIA 180 180… Continue reading SEN 1894