National Free Flight Society

SEN 1878

Table of Contents – SEN 1878 Towline Stress SCAT Summer Fun Contests Towline Stress from FB started by Ken Bauer Glider friends- I’m breaking my towlines with 150lb spectra and… Continue reading SEN 1878

SEN 1877

TABLE OF CONTENTS – SEN 1877 2014 Big Al’s Contest Report Walt Ghio Friday’s “180 is max” contest had three entries. A 10 to 12 mph wind started the… Continue reading SEN 1877

SEN 1876

Table of Contents – SEN 1876 Big Al’s Flash Info Needed on Sergey Samkish’s 1977 F1B NFFS Sympo Patrons Walston Tx for sale HATSCHEK MEMORIAL Big Al’s Flash A Mike… Continue reading SEN 1876

SEN 1875

Table of Contents – SEN 1875 MMM Update SREM Carmen MMM Colorado World Cups Update Hello flyers, We have a new hotel you might consider using for this contest. It… Continue reading SEN 1875

SEN 1874

Table of Contents – SEN 1874 Ron Pollard Aringer F1A Hook Rumpp F1A Hook Ron Pollard For those of you who haven’t heard Ron Pollard died suddendly of heart failure… Continue reading SEN 1874

SEN 1873

Table of Contents – SEN 1873 Southern Cross World Cup Big Als Addition Narrandera Photos Southern Cross World Cup F1B Vin Morgan 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 255… Continue reading SEN 1873

SEN 1872

Table of Contents – SEN 1872 AFFS Champs Looking for a Fat cat 2014 Australian Free Flight Society Championships F1A 1 Brian van Nest 180 180 180 180 180 180… Continue reading SEN 1872

SEN 1871

Table of Contents – SEN 1871 Tapio’s clock Big Al’s SEN Traveling AFFS World Cup Flash It’s not the clock but how you wind it – Editorial Tapio’s Clock Apr… Continue reading SEN 1871