National Free Flight Society

2023 NFFS Symposium Update

Symposium Patrons and pre-order members:

We had been told several weeks ago that the Symposiums were in the process of being mailed out from the Printer and had, stupidly as it turns out, relayed that message.

Having not seen any actual deliveries yet, we started trying to follow up and determine where the books were. The new owners of The Printer have been completely unresponsive. I spoke with Steve Galbreath (former owner of the The Printer) yesterday and he is helping to determine the status and ETA for shipping.

I humbly apologize for both the delay and that I communicated that they were in the process of shipment. I relied on the information that was provided to me, and it turns out not to have been correct.

We appreciate your donations and pre-orders and we will make sure these orders are satisfied as soon as possible. Once the dust has settled, we are going to have to locate a new resource for our printing needs going forward.