Tangent Classic Results

News from the North.
Another Tangent Classic is history so start planning for next year.  Changes in the grass seed markets and allowable farming techniques have influenced our abilities to have clear field access in the Willamette valley.  As with all free flight contests the wind can make things extra challenging and did on Friday for F 1 AB&C, so we elected to fly two minute maxes to try to keep the models on our primary field.  It did not always work however.  Picking and staying in lift became more and more difficult as the day went on with only Ken Bauer maxing out in F1 A.  Blake Jensen, George Batiuk and Jack Emery managed seven straight two minute flights in F1 B to create the only fly off in the bigs.  We waited until early morning for the fly off which gave us cool and calm conditions.  Blake pulled off the win with George second and Jack third.
The wind was not as strong for the minis and I think most stayed on the primary field with out problems but again lift picking and staying in the thermals was very tricky.  Only Jim Parker and Brian Van Nest maxed out in F1 H with no Gs or Js managing the feat.  Jim won the morning fly off with a beautiful flight in the cool morning air.  Here are the numbers:
F1 A
1.  Ken Bauer             840
2.  Lee Hines              828
3.  Jim Parker             810
4.  Brian Van Nest      798
5.  Hector Diez            776
6.  Norm Smith            773
7.  Pierre Brun             717
8.  Don Zink                 311
F1 B
1.  Blake Jensen         1166
2.  George Batiuk        1141
3.  Jack Emerey             1120
4.  Roger Morrell            838
5.  Rich Rohrke              813
6.  Al Ulm                        761
F1 C
1.  Ron McBurnett          811
2.  Mike Roberts            240
F1 G
1.  Tiffany O'Dell            587
2.  Bill Booth                  563
3.  Derek McGuckin      483
4.  Jack Emerey            240
F1 H
1.  Jim Parker                833
2.  Brian Van Nest         697
3.  Norm Smith               579
4.  Lee Hines                  185
F1 J
1.  Mike Roberts            576