2009 California F1E Contest

The 4th Annual California Cup for F1E class gliders was successfully 
flown on 10 Feb, 2009 at Holloway Gypsum's largest mesa. 
It is located about 1 mile SE of the Lost Hills, CA flying field.

Eight rounds were flown on a beautifully clear day, beginning 
@ 0900, with the ending @ 1600.
There was a short break for lunch, as well as short stoppages to
move flight line positions in attempts to utilize upslope air.
This guessing game was only somewhat successful.
Breezes were light[0-3m/s max] & shifty, but there was nice PM temps 
for the attendees.
That made it very much a performance contest, with some gliding
into small patches of lift or down air out in the landing areas.

Results follow:                

1. Peter Brocks USA 84018          716.96%
2. Tom Ioeger USA 94350            620.17
3. Brian Van Nest USA 23122      597.46
4. Dave Parsons USA 6280          589.51
5. Bob Sifleet USA 18326             566.40
6. Ian Kaynes UK 21003              527.97      
7. Norm Furutani USA 9408         425.02        

[Note: Maxes were 180 sec, except rds 1, 4 & 5 were 120 sec]

Congratulations go out to Peter for his fine effort, winning for third year running.
Many thanks to all the folks on the hill who assisted in making this event
a nice occasion again this year.
Yr hmbl CD srvnt,
Lee Hines