2003 Southwest FAI Challenge

Hi again FF sports fans!
The resurrected 7th SW FAI Challenge returned this year to the America's Cup schedule, after being unable to do so in 2002.

The 24 fliers who ventured over to the El Dorado Dry Lake near Boulder City NV were treated to a fine weekend of flying in very good weather plus a surprise gift for each entrant, courtesy of Don Zink. We all thank you for the very nice alarm clocks, Don!

It did cool off from the previous days, with some rain and snow in higher country which finally helped put out many dreadful fires.
But the front blew through on Friday giving us cool and dry conditions with only some wind Sat afternoon causing the max to be reduce to 2 minutes for rounds 4 and 5 of glider and Wakefield. We had no F1C fliers this time, which is a pity.

On Sunday morn, the first rounds for all classes were to ensure no flyoffs, as they were 10 minute maxes.
No one did the max time and it allowed the flyer to choose a wide strategy spectrum...go early?...go late?
It was interesting to say the least. Young Ben Coussens chose to go late in F1H and caught a nice bump
to win the small glider class. The day stayed very calm and lift was hard to find for long periods and could decay rapidly as well. So the placing stayed in doubt to a good degree til the 10th and final round.
Bill Booth and Larry Norvall flew flawlessly to take 1st and 2nd in F1B.
Norm Smith did 2 sec more than Victor Stamov in the long max rd to take F1A.
In F1G, Dick Wood and his grandson, Taylor Burrows took the 1st and 2nd place hardware back to Phoenix this year.
A budding junior towliner, Logan Tetrick[can't miss his red hair!] was giving it all he had and did very well in[I think]his first
F1A contest ever. He also was the only P-30 flier.

In summary, the format showed promise to most, with a suggestion to shorten the tie-breaker round time to 20 minutes each, with a
short break between to retrieve and get reoriented. It would also end one hour sooner, allowing everyone an earlier return to
their homes.

Thank you one and all for coming, and helping to make the 7th SW FAI Challenge the success it was.
And thank you Jon Zeisloft, for coordinating the difficult path of clearing the Boulder City site permit process!

The Results:
F1A...13 fliers
1. Norm Smith 1781
2. Victor Stamov 1779
3. Don Zink 1715
4. Jim Parker 1710
5. Vasily Beschasny 1709
6. Lee Hines 1680
7. Pierre Brun 1642
8. Rene Limberger 1618
9. Dallas Parker 1611
10. Peter Brocks 1577
11. Brian Van Nest 1399
12. Logan Tetrick 1327
13. Ben Coussens 227

F1B...6 fliers
1. Bill Booth Jr 1837
2. Larry Norval 1813
3. Rich Rohrke 1764
4. Dick Wood 1711
5. Elmer Nelson 1642
6. Bob Piserchio 1053

F1G...9 fliers
1. Dick Wood 889
2. Taylor Burrows 884
3. Bill Booth Jr. 816
4. Peter Brocks 797
5. Larry Norval 778
6. Jon Zeisloft 729
7. Alan Petersen 647
8. John Clapp 346
9. Elmer Nelson 120

F1H...9 fliers
1. Ben Coussens 1041
2. Lee Hines 887
3. Jim Parker 831
4. Brian Van Nest 797
5. Norm Smith 792
6. V. Beschasny 749
7. Dallas Parker 738
8. Pierre Brun 734
9. Victor Stamov 656

F1J...1 flier
1. Tony Robertson 658

P-30...1 flier
1. Logan Tetrick 304

Lee Hines