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Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
Indoor News
Lost Hills Free Flight Association
Society of Antique Modelers (SAM)
Science Olympiad (official site of Science Olympiad)
Free Flight Clubs


International Sites
Australian Free Flight Society
British Model Flying Association (BMFA)
Evreux Air Model
Free Flight Online
Free Flight Quartely The Australian quarterly for free flight aeromodellers everywhere
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA)
Model Aeroanutics Association of Canada (MAAC)
New South Wales Free Flight Society (NSWFFS)
Raynes Park Model Aircraft Club - UK club, indoor sport, old timer
Free Flight Ukraine
Victorian Free Flight Society (VFFS)
World Cup Scores and Blog

Kits, Suppliers and Other Links
A2Z - Peck Polymers / Indoor Model Supply / Sting Aero - New web site: Laser cut kits, indoor models, supplies and materials
A.A. Lidberg Model Plan Service - outdoor, nostalgia, oldtimer, CO2, electric
AeroAces - Peanut Scale plans, No-Cal Scale plans, No-Cal Scale marking sheets, indoor flying model supplies, scale drawings, and AERO ACES rubber powered flying scale model kits
AeroDyne - Great selection of kits, plans and building supplies
Aerospace Composite Products (ACP) - composite materials
Alexander Andriukov Models - Highest quality F1B models, components and parts
Vasily Beschasny - F1A (Big Al, BuntBone, etc.) and other models
BMJR Model Products - outdoor, nostalgia, old timer
Bob Holman Plans and Laser Cutting
Boca Bearings - engine bearings
Campbell's Custom Kits - Lee Campbell's kits
CB Model Designs High Quality Free Flight Rubber Powered Kits
Composite Structures Technology (CST) - composite materials
Dremel Tools - dremel tools
FAI Model Supply - Tan II rubber, FAI model components, general free flight supplies
Fly High Kids - A children's enrichment program that includes aermodeling in DUbai
Flying Models - Flying Models magazine
Fred's Flying Models - Finely designed and manufactured kits that are exceptional outdoor and indoor free flight models
GizmoGeezer - Model Airplanes, Free Flight Modeling, Other Gizmos by the Geezer
Glow! - Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder, cool stuff
Great Hobbies - indoor, outdoor, scale 
Hastings Fiber Glass Products - model EI-150 fifty foot telescoping fiberglass pole, model C-35 carrying case
Hobby Club - electric, old timer and CO2
Homegrown TV - Free flight videos by Alan Abriss
Indoor Model Supply
- indoor
Indoor Models Canada - Indoor models, operated by Fred Tellier
International Model Group - models and accessories F1-ABCHJ
Just Kits and Models - Just Kits & Models provides plastic kits and plastic model kits primarily aircraft, vehicles, ships, military vehicles, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas.
Klotz Performance Lubricants - Klotz oil
Lone Star Balsa - balsa, Taipan, BY&O props
Mattes Engine Rework - Engine repair and rework
Micro Fasteners
- screws, nuts
Micro-Mark - miniature tools
Midwest Products - educational products, beginners models
Model Aces - Museum Quality Scale Model Aircraft Replicas
Model Research Labs - indoor and outdoor specialty supplies
Pelaero Products - Peter Lloyd, Australian supplier of free flight products
Penn Valley Hobby Center
PowerMaster Fuels - fuels, ingredients
Retro RC - Laser cut free flight, electric and radio control kits and accessories
Rocky Top Models - High quality laser cut scale free flight kits and supplies
Ron Williams: Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes   Associated Blog
Sig Manufacturing - balsa, model products
Small Flying Arts - This is a great a webzine devoted to flying models of all types - including Free Flight
Specialized Balsa - High quality balsa wood source
Starlink-Flitetech - High Tech kits and ready to fly models, featuring models by Bob White and Andrey Burdov
Tail Spin Aviation - Kits for airplanes, gliders, ornithopters & helicopters, building supplies and tools
Texas Timers - A great variety of timers
Tru-Weight Indoor Balsa - Balsa and supplies for Indoor Models
Turner Toys - Flying model airplanes & gliders, balsa kits, building tools and supplies, kites
W-Hobby Free Flight - FAI models and components
Woodhouse's Free Flight Supplies - outdoor (U.K.)

Personal Free Flight Web Sites
Craig's Model Shop - a nice personal site for Craig's model shop - Simple model aviation with illustrated, step-by-step tutorials on building and flying simple model airplanes and related topics.
FAI Power - A web site dedicated to the past, present and future of FAI Power
Free-Flight Model Airplanes - indoor, outdoor and scale
Ken's Home Page - A wonderful page dedicated to Old Time Model Airplane Magazines
Luddite Free Flight Team - T-shirts
Model Flight - Scott Cannon's free flight page
Twin Pushers and other Free Flight Oddities - archive

The National Free Flight Society - Dedicated to serving free flight modelers worldwide